4 content marketing tips4 content marketing tips

Nonprofits and charities also need to have well thought out and elaborately planned marketing strategies if they want to reach the right audience. Much like businesses, the point is to collect as many funds as possible but the difference here is that these funds are all dedicated towards a noble cause.

Content marketing is too important of an aspect to overlook. In this blog post we will be giving you some basic pointers on how to use content marketing to promote your charity.

Use attractive visuals everywhere

Let’s face it, having well designed visuals make any company instantly look more credible. Your charity organization’s digital presence needs to have aesthetic visuals and well thought out designs. Here are some pointers that might help you:

  • Use consistent brand colors in all your social media posts
  • Make sure text is easily readable
  • Add attractive graphics and images
  • Maintain a consistent standard of content quality

Running charities involves cutting operational costs wherever you can. It might not always be possible to hire professional graphic designers to get this work done for you, so you can use free online resources instead. Search up your charity niche, look through social media and poster templates, and then make customizations to whatever design you like best.

Also explore charity email templates to maintain the same standard of visuals in your newsletters as well. You want your email marketing to look top notch as well!

Make it personal to the community

In order to successfully promote a charity event or organization, you need to connect with the people who are personally affected by the problem you are trying to solve. People tend to give a better response when they have a personal connection or a sense of relatability.

In order to do this, you need to effectively communicate the impact you are trying to make, the lives that you want to change, and the people who have been badly affected by this issue in the past.

It also helps to show the raw and unfiltered side to your operations. Introduce people to the team, show them how many people have volunteered, give them some event behind-the-scenes. All of this will add a very human element to your charity and encourage more people to partake in the charity.

Put up interactive stories

Linking closely to the previous point, actively posting interactive stories on your socials is a great way to keep people engaged. Constant updates make people feel like they are part of the process.

Generally video content performs better but there are ways to make photos seem engaging too. Instagram also has a lot of useful story options that let viewers interact with the page. Some of these include:

  • Question stickers – let people ask questions so that you can create an open space for transparency and communication.
  • Polls – Ask people for their opinion, even on simple things. It makes them feel like they are truly part of the decision making process.
  • Instagram music – if you’re just adding images to your story, you can make it more watchable by adding relevant music that fits the tone and vibe.
  • Location tagging – Make sure you keep location tagging so that people know where the event is happening.
  • Links – You can add swipe up links to your stories to lead people directly to your website or signup form.
  • Quizzes – Add quiz questions to see how much people know about the cause you’re supporting. This will be extremely informative.

Collaborative posts with your sponsors

Numbers do matter when it comes to reaching a wider audience and getting the word out. In this case you should discuss collaborative marketing with the companies willing to sponsor your charity.

Instagram now allows the same post to be uploaded on multiple accounts via collaboration posts. After confirming with your sponsors, schedule a few collaboration posts so that you can reach multiple different audiences at the same time. This will work out for you in the sense that your Instagram will get much more engagement, and it will work out for the company in a way that improves their social image. Companies who support notable causes have a much more loyal audience.

Wrapping it up

Successfully completing a charity event or running a whole charity organization is something that requires a lot of patience and virtue. Even working for good causes can become taxing at times. But during challenging parts of the journey, remind yourself of how many lives you could change for the better.

It will be a continuous learning process, but we promise it will feel fulfilling.

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