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This blog ends your concerns about why NSE India is delaying its IPO to buy it from the exchanges. While thousands of companies, big and small, are listed on the National Stock Exchange, the NSE is still listed on the exchanges for many reasons. As of December 31, 2023, NSE lists 2,266 companies, including around 30 Tata Group companies, Reliance, L&T, LIC, SBI and others. But many like you want to know why NSE, the world’s largest derivative exchange in terms of daily contract traded numbers, has not yet come out with an IPO. But for almost a decade, NSE has been trying to come out with its IPO or initial public offering, with its first attempt in 2016. However, with SEBI not approving its IPO for many reasons, you are unable to buy NSE share price at current levels. However, in recent times, especially from the end of 2023, reports suggest that you can invest in NSE stock price this year 2024 or in 2025.

Continue reading this blog until the end to learn all about the reasons why NSE India is delaying its listing in the exchanges and when the dream of millions of investors like you can expect its IPO to yield high returns. 

What are the reasons for delaying the IPO of NSE India?

NSE, which lists thousands of companies as having hundreds of trillions of rupees as market capitalization, has yet to be listed in an exchange. Even with using the most advanced software,  hi-infrastructure, world-class services, and others to earn the trust of millions of investors in India and abroad, it is still to get the SEBI not for its IPO. A few of the possible reasons for it include the following, among others. 

·        In 2015, there was a colocation fiasco that led to a SEBI probe and also disapproval of NSE’s corporate governance problems because of allowing brokers to launch collation facilities in 2009 for specific fees.

·        On February 24, 2021, telecom link failures led to NCL, an NSE online risk management subsidiary, being unavailable, causing a complete halt of trading in all segments.

·        NSE has a few cases against companies listed on it in SAT or Securities Appellate Tribunal, which the SEBI wants to clear before coming out with the IPO

How does NSE India become ready for the IPO?

NSE overcame the above challenges to come out with its IPO, apart from its stellar performance year after year, to increase revenue and profit and its other services. It migrated from TBT or tick by tick to MTBT data feed to solve the colocation issue and expanded its infrastructure facilities to avoid any technical glitches that happened in 2021. Also, it solves all the cases in SAT to fulfil all the SEBI guidelines to get its nod and come out with an IPO sooner rather than later.

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