How to make oval exhaust tubingHow to make oval exhaust tubing

Creating oval exhaust tubing typically requires specialized equipment and is commonly done in automotive fabrication or metalworking shops. Oval exhaust tubing is used in custom exhaust systems to optimize space and fitment under a vehicle. Here are the general steps involved in making oval exhaust tubing:

Materials and Equipment:

  1. Round Tubing: You’ll start with round tubing made of materials suitable for exhaust systems, such as stainless steel or mild steel. The diameter of the round tubing should be larger than the desired oval shape.
  2. Hydraulic or Mechanical Ovalizing Machine: This machine is designed to reshape round tubing into an oval shape. It exerts pressure on the tubing to deform it.
  3. Welding Equipment: You’ll need welding equipment, including a welder and appropriate welding rods or wire for the specific material you’re using.
  4. Cutting Tools: Equipment for cutting and trimming the tubing to the desired length.


  1. Cut Round Tubing:
    • Start by cutting the round tubing to the desired length for your exhaust system.
  2. Select Ovalizing Machine:
    • Choose an appropriate hydraulic or mechanical ovalizing machine based on the size and material of your tubing. These machines are typically available in automotive or metalworking shops.
  3. Set Up the Machine:
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the ovalizing machine. This may involve adjusting the machine’s settings to accommodate the size of your tubing.
  4. Ovalize the Tubing:
    • Place one end of the round tubing into the machine and secure it in place.
    • Activate the machine to start the ovalizing process. The machine will exert pressure on the tubing to gradually deform it into an oval shape.
    • Monitor the process to ensure the tubing is forming into the desired oval shape. You may need to make adjustments if necessary.
  5. Cut and Trim:
    • Once you’ve achieved the desired oval shape, cut and trim the tubing to the exact length you need for your exhaust system.
  6. Weld Seams (Optional):
    • If you’ve created oval tubing by welding two halves together, ensure the seams are properly aligned and secure.
    • Use your welding equipment to weld the seams, creating a continuous oval shape.
  7. Clean and Prep for Installation:
    • Clean the oval exhaust tubing to remove any debris, oils, or contaminants.
    • Prep the tubing for installation in your exhaust system, which may involve welding flanges or other components as needed.
  8. Install in Exhaust System:
    • Install the oval tubing into your exhaust system, ensuring proper fitment and alignment.

Please note that ovalizing tubing requires specialized equipment and skills commonly found in automotive or metal fabrication shops. If you’re not experienced with metalworking or exhaust system modifications, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of professionals who can create custom exhaust components to your specifications.

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